In the News – August 3, 2010

Deportation order for Filipina

A Filipina beautician, who was charged with maintaining illicit relations with an “unknown” man, has been sentenced in absentia to a year’s suspended imprisonment and immediate deportation.

The woman, 29, landed in trouble when she arrived at Hamad Hospital to give birth in January 2009 and failed to produce her marriage certificate.

She told the interrogators that her “husband” had visited Qatar and stayed here for one month (March) in 2008 and that he was the father of the baby. When she failed to provide documents to support her claims, she was presented to the court.

A policeman testified that the Filipina had fled the hospital after a few days of delivery, leaving her baby behind. Her trial was held in absentia.

Judge Mamon Hamour ruled that the failure of the accused to bring the necessary document from her country and her escape from the hospital were sufficient reasons to prove that the baby was born out of wedlock.

via Gulf Times – Qatar’s top-selling English daily newspaper – Qatar.

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