More Desert Fun

dual-nissans.jpgWell, I did it.  I took my new Xterra out to the dunes of Qatar.  It was a blast, and the Xterra handled the sand extremely well.

I went with several friends yesterday out to the desert for a good time of relaxing, playing on the dunes, and eating lamb.  It was my second time to go out to the desert, and it was my first time to actually drive a car on the sand.  I drove a four-wheeler on sand dunes in Cabo San Lucas, so I had an idea of how to drive without the traction of a hard surface.  Obviously, a large vehicle is different than a four-wheeler, but the basics are the same:  keep moving, and give it gas if you start to slow down.

I’m really looking forward to more trips to the desert with current and future friends.  When the weather starts getting hotter, we’ll go later in the day and spend the night.  That will be tons of fun.

Check out pics of this trip here.  I’ve also made an album dedicated to Dwight and his travels.

Tomorrow is Easter, and I am taking the day off to celebrate Christ’s victory over death and the life He has given me.  What a great thing to celebrate!

5 thoughts on “More Desert Fun

  1. Robin Martin

    I am so happy you got to take the day off for such an awesome reason. Keep that in your heart always while you are there Justin.
    Sounds like you are sure having more fun that we are here!!!! I just had to build a retaining wall at my house over the Easter break:(:( I had to come back to work to rest:):)
    Have a blessed stay there Justin. We miss you here though!!!

  2. Candice

    I wish I was there for that. 🙂 How fun.

    Did you know that McCain announced his vice-presidential candidate last night to be Dwight Schrute? 🙂 Haha.


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