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Alive and Well!

Sorry I haven’t written yet.  Life in a new country is crazy, but it’s going great.  I just uploaded some pictures that you can see here.

I hope to write a little very soon to post on here.  I’m still trying to get settled in, and I’m getting there step by step.  I had to visit the doctor earlier this week, because I was really dizzy for a couple of days.  It turns out that I had ear infections in both ears.  The hospital was really nice, and I got some medicine that helped a ton.

Work is extremely busy, but I love it.  I really love the people I work with.  Check this out.  My team of 7 people is represented by 7 different countries:  Germany, India, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, and the US.  That’s right, I’m the only American.  What an awesome experience!  The team dynamic is nothing like I’ve ever experienced.  The cultural differences are interesting and fun, and everyone is very helpful.  I really do love it.

More to come!

I'm back!

PB070142.JPGJust a quick note to say I’m safely back in College Station. I have put pics up on the photos page, or you can go straight to the Flickr album. It was a wonderful trip. Doha is beautiful, and I had a ton of fun. I should find out sometime next week about their decision.

I’m writing another post with a lot more details about the trip, so be watching for that soon.  I’m not really feeling the jet lag yet, but I expect it to hit later on tonight 🙂

Oh, and in case you were wondering…business class is amazing.  I got so spoiled!

Almost there!

Emirates LoungeI have made the large part of trip to the other side of the world from my home in Texas. I’m sitting in the Emirates business class lounge in the Dubai airport right now waiting on the final leg of my trip to Doha.

I’ve never flown business class before, so this was a great experience for me.  I’m already spoiled.  I was able to get some sleep on the plane, and I’ve definitely eaten well: on the plane, in New York, and in the airport lounges.  I never realized how big of a deal the lounges in the airports are.  They have made all of the difference in the world for me during my layovers.  It’s nice and quiet, and they have complementary food and drinks.  The picture here is of the lounge in New York.

I have pictures up of my time in New York.  I didn’t take pictures of the restaurant where I ate dinner, but believe me, it was very classy!   You can see the pics by clicking here or clicking on the “photos” link in the upper-right corner of the page.  The plugin for the photos is not working perfectly, be warned.  For example, the slideshow link doesn’t work.

Look for more to come!