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Chance of a Lifetime

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a real post, so if you haven’t been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you probably don’t know that I’ve been getting more and more into photography.  It’s been a lot of fun and a great stress reliever.  Here is a small portfolio I’ve put together.  Also pretty soon, it’ll be a side job as I do some freelance work for Qatar Foundation‘s Campus Life, photographing their student events throughout this next year.  I already had a test run before they decided to hire me and photographed their Education City welcome event, Ya Hala.  What a great opportunity!

So, jump to today, I’m leaving tonight for a photography trek and workshop to Ladakh, India.  It’s called Lumen Dei, and it’s a 2 week trip where I’ll be joining 7 other participants and 3 professional photographers:  David duChemin, Ami Vitale, and my friend, Matt Brandon.   I’m super excited about this trip and can’t believe it’s finally here (I signed up for it at the end of last year).

Well, I’m all packed and ready to go, but I wanted to show the itinerary of what I’ll be doing over the next two weeks.  Keep in mind that the trip will be filled with instruction and wisdom-sharing from three amazing travel photographers.  It really is the chance of a lifetime!

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First Pics From My New Camera

I really want to start posting again, and I will soon.  In the mean time, check out the pics that I took this past weekend for a friend’s daughter’s first birthday.  I just got a Nikon D200 on a good deal from Best Buy, and I am loving it.  Check out the picture gallery here.

Pictures are Slowly Coming

It’s taking forever, but I’m slowly getting my pictures uploaded to my site.  You can go ahead and see what I have so far here.  I’m just doing a batch upload of all of the pictures that I have, so there may be a lot of pictures that are out of focus, too dark, or duplicates.  I hope to go through the pics and clean some of them up, but I just wanted to get them online soon.


New Pics – Night at the Souks

Moon Over Waqif Art Center
I went to Souk Waqif the other night with some friends and had a wonderful time.  We ate dinner at a Moroccan restaurant and then went and sat ouside smoking shisha and talking for a couple of hours.  It was a great time of joking around and people watching.  Check out the pictures.

I’m about to leave to go to through the desert to the beach with some more new friends that I have made recently.  These are some of the first friends I have made here that are not affiliated with Education City.  They all work for oil companies here.  Believe it or not, the oil and gas industry is pretty big here.  Who would have known that?

More pictures to come!

Undersea Adventures

I went scuba diving again today with some friends here in Qatar.  The place we went is pretty cool, but the visibility isn’t great at all.  It was still tons of fun.  I got an underwater enclosure for my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera, so I now have pics and video of my own.  Check it out here.  The last few things in the gallery are short videos that I took.  Here’s a sample of the fish eating out of our hands:


New Pictures are Posted!

I have put up a bunch of new pictures up on my photo site. I’m still working on integrating it with my blog, so for now, head on over to my SmugMug page.  My friend, Trent, has been here this weekend, and that’s been tons of fun.  I have pics of some of that time, as well as the recent TAMUQ graduation.  Enjoy!

More Desert Fun

dual-nissans.jpgWell, I did it.  I took my new Xterra out to the dunes of Qatar.  It was a blast, and the Xterra handled the sand extremely well.

I went with several friends yesterday out to the desert for a good time of relaxing, playing on the dunes, and eating lamb.  It was my second time to go out to the desert, and it was my first time to actually drive a car on the sand.  I drove a four-wheeler on sand dunes in Cabo San Lucas, so I had an idea of how to drive without the traction of a hard surface.  Obviously, a large vehicle is different than a four-wheeler, but the basics are the same:  keep moving, and give it gas if you start to slow down.

I’m really looking forward to more trips to the desert with current and future friends.  When the weather starts getting hotter, we’ll go later in the day and spend the night.  That will be tons of fun.

Check out pics of this trip here.  I’ve also made an album dedicated to Dwight and his travels.

Tomorrow is Easter, and I am taking the day off to celebrate Christ’s victory over death and the life He has given me.  What a great thing to celebrate!

Desert Trip!

crazy.jpgI got to take a trip to the desert this past weekend! It was so great. Going over the sand dunes is quite an exhilarating experience.  We didn’t quite get as crazy as the guy in the picture here, but we had some good fun.  My friend, Dave, drove us in the caravan of about 7 cars.  We went through the desert to a beach on the inland sea.  Just across the water from the beach, you could see Saudi Arabia.  It was very relaxing to hang out at the beach for several hours.  Go here to see my pics.

I think I’m going again this Friday with some other friends.  I’ll be taking my new Xterra out this time to see how it handles it.  I’m pretty pumped!