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The Time Has Come!

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I leave College Station tomorrow morning for my long flight over to the Middle East. It’s crazy that it’s here. I’ve really been looking forward to it since before I applied to the job in July, and here we are. I’m kind of in disbelief. It almost doesn’t seem real. Oh, and I’m so excited I can’t really put it into words 🙂

I’ll be very busy while I’m there. They have scheduled the first day for me to rest, and then I have three full days of meeting with different people, giving my 45 minute technical presentation, and touring the campus and city. Good thing I’m flying business class on the way home and can get some sleep!

5 Days!

Ritz - DohaI leave for Doha this coming Friday! I’m really excited, obviously. I found out tonight that I’ll be staying at the Ritz Carlton during my stay in Doha. Check out their site if you want. The best part of the site is the great photo gallery. Pretty much all I can say is “wow.”

I also found out tonight that part of my ground itinerary while I’m there will be a tour of Education City as well as the city of Doha. I was encouraged to bring a camera 🙂

It’s pretty difficult to explain how excited I am about this opportunity. I know I don’t have the job yet, but what a amazing chance for me to even to go and interview! This will be my first trip overseas in three years, which for me, is way too long!

Here are some more links that have a lot of information about where I’ll be interviewing:

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