Beautiful, Cool, Rainy Jordan

Well, we’ve just finished up our second day in Jordan.

Last night, we went went to a Turkish bath.  I had been to one when I went to Turkey several years ago, and so I was really looking forward to it again.  I definitely was not disappointed.  It was a relaxing time of sweating it out in the steam room, soaking in the sauna, being bathed by a large Jordanian man (we were both wearing swimsuits, so it wasn’t weird 🙂 ), and then getting a massage.  If you ever get the chance to have an authentic Turkish bath, go for it!

Today, we went to a couple of places to see some Roman ruins.  Have I mentioned that it’s so beautiful here?  It’s amazing.  Hills and trees everywhere.  The weather is a lot cooler than Doha, too.  It’s so refreshing.  I didn’t get to take as many pictures today as I would have liked, but since the reason was that it was raining, I won’t complain too much.  The nice drizzle was something that I have really been missing since moving to Doha.  It’s a nice change from the sizzling sauna that is the Doha summer.

Well, I’m off.  Alicia and Trey, sorry to disappoint about the pics.  We don’t have great internet access, and it would take FOR-EV-VER to get them all uploaded from here.

Oh, tomorrow is our day at the Dead Sea!  Best…. birthday…. ever!

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