Undersea Adventures

I went scuba diving again today with some friends here in Qatar.  The place we went is pretty cool, but the visibility isn’t great at all.  It was still tons of fun.  I got an underwater enclosure for my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera, so I now have pics and video of my own.  Check it out here.  The last few things in the gallery are short videos that I took.  Here’s a sample of the fish eating out of our hands:


2 thoughts on “Undersea Adventures

  1. Rosalie


    I am having a wonderful time keeping up with your adventures. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    Stay safe and keep on having adventures. Love,

  2. Belinda Ringpfeil

    Hello Justin,
    I was too late to view your underwater video. Diving is a super exciting experience and a never ending opportunity.
    So glad to hear the Lord is blessing you.
    Happy B’day (early)


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