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Eight is Enough

s_airplane8.jpgWell, it’s official. After eight years in College Station, I am finally moving on to more exciting parts of the world! I have accepted a job offer at Texas A&M University in Doha, Qatar. I’m very excited about the move, and I’m also feeling kind of overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have to do before I go.

I will be starting over there the first week of January, so I’ll be flying out very soon after I have Christmas with my family. Thanks to everyone for all of the prayers and encouragement. I have a long road ahead, but it’s going to be so exciting!

I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep everyone updated about my preparation and then time in Doha. If you’d like to get automatic updates when I post on my blog, be sure to subscribe via the sidebar on the main page.

Doha Wrap-up

PB060038.JPG Well, my recruitment/interview trip to Doha, Qatar is sadly over. It was a very packed few days that would have been a challenge even without the jet lag. It was mentally and physically exhausting, but it was a great experience. I experienced business class air travel for the first time, and it’ll be hard to ever go back! Hopefully, I’ll be able to recount everything and give you a good idea about the overall adventure. I had tons of fun, and I would love to go back.  Don’t forget to check out the pictures on the photos page.

Obviously, this is a long post. Oh, and to answer the question everyone asks me, I should be hearing from them some time this week about their decision 🙂

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I'm back!

PB070142.JPGJust a quick note to say I’m safely back in College Station. I have put pics up on the photos page, or you can go straight to the Flickr album. It was a wonderful trip. Doha is beautiful, and I had a ton of fun. I should find out sometime next week about their decision.

I’m writing another post with a lot more details about the trip, so be watching for that soon.  I’m not really feeling the jet lag yet, but I expect it to hit later on tonight 🙂

Oh, and in case you were wondering…business class is amazing.  I got so spoiled!

Almost there!

Emirates LoungeI have made the large part of trip to the other side of the world from my home in Texas. I’m sitting in the Emirates business class lounge in the Dubai airport right now waiting on the final leg of my trip to Doha.

I’ve never flown business class before, so this was a great experience for me.  I’m already spoiled.  I was able to get some sleep on the plane, and I’ve definitely eaten well: on the plane, in New York, and in the airport lounges.  I never realized how big of a deal the lounges in the airports are.  They have made all of the difference in the world for me during my layovers.  It’s nice and quiet, and they have complementary food and drinks.  The picture here is of the lounge in New York.

I have pictures up of my time in New York.  I didn’t take pictures of the restaurant where I ate dinner, but believe me, it was very classy!   You can see the pics by clicking here or clicking on the “photos” link in the upper-right corner of the page.  The plugin for the photos is not working perfectly, be warned.  For example, the slideshow link doesn’t work.

Look for more to come!

The Time Has Come!

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I leave College Station tomorrow morning for my long flight over to the Middle East. It’s crazy that it’s here. I’ve really been looking forward to it since before I applied to the job in July, and here we are. I’m kind of in disbelief. It almost doesn’t seem real. Oh, and I’m so excited I can’t really put it into words 🙂

I’ll be very busy while I’m there. They have scheduled the first day for me to rest, and then I have three full days of meeting with different people, giving my 45 minute technical presentation, and touring the campus and city. Good thing I’m flying business class on the way home and can get some sleep!